Alon Kalay
Assistant Professor of Accounting 

1. Uncertainty and Sectoral Shifts: The Interaction between Firm-Level and Aggregate-Level Shocks and Macroeconomic Activity , with Suresh Nallareddy and Gil Sadka.  Management Science, in press.

2. Industry Characteristics, Risk Premiums, and Debt Pricing . 2016. with Dan Amiram and Gil Sadka. The Accounting Review, in press.

3. Earnings News, Expected Earnings, and Aggregate Stock Returns . 2016. with Jung Ho Choi and Gil Sadka. Journal of Financial Markets 29, 110–143.

​4. International Payout Policy, Information Asymmetry and Agency Costs (Conference Discussion). 2014. Journal of Accounting Research 52(2), 457–472.

5. Investor Sophistication and Disclosure Clienteles . 2015. Review of Accounting Studies 20(2), 976–1011.

Working Papers
1.  Industry Expertise and the Informational Advantages of Managers and Analysts , with Ashiq Ali, Dan Amiram, and Gil Sadka.

2. Information Asymmetry and the Bond Coupon Choice , with Dan Amiram, Avner Kalay, and N. Bugra Ozel.

3. The Market Reaction to Stock Split Announcements; Earnings News After All , with Mathias Kronlund.